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Fast Melbourne Towing
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Are you in need of roadside assistance? Do you need to schedule a towing service? Then you have come to the right company that will provide you with the expert assistance that you need. As a locally owned and operated service, we strive to maintai
Dial A Tow Australia
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We are an expanding towing company, covering metropolitan Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, country, remote and rural South Australia. Dial-a-Tow provides service to many remote and regional areas, for example – Port Augusta, Port Wakefield, Eyre Peninsula,
Adelaide BJ Towing
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BJ Towing in Adelaide is a Fully Licensed and Insured Tow Truck Service in Adelaide. We offer cheap and reliable tow truck services anywhere in Adelaide with a rapid response time. As a small family business, that is 100% South Australian owned, we o
Fast Sydney Towing
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If you're stranded on any of Sydney's roads and have no idea what to do, call Fast Sydney Towing. Fast Towing Sydney is a highly reputable local towing company that can provide you with the speedy, convenient and friendly towing service to get your v
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A Directory Just for Towing Services

What we do Differently

Towing Services Near Me is powered by Google Maps so that the closest Towing Service is at the top of our home page without any need to filter and sort results.

The closest Towing Service to where you are right now, this is our guarantee.

We are a flat rate directory that supports large and small businesses equally, helping you to find the right Towing Service; call, message, email or click to contact the Towing Service that best suits your needs.

Because is a targeted industry directory, it not only helps local Towing Services increase sales inquiries, but it also helps the websites of local Towing Services to rank higher on Google Organic search and Google My Business.

What Problem are we Solving?

Someone needed to give small Towing Services a level playing field on a high-ranking directory for Towing Services.

Every other web directory and digital platform where people search for Towing Services is fundamentally flawed for the public by a premium based advertising business model where 'whoever pays more gets prominence'. We are unique in that we see the searchers needs as more important than an advertisers marketing budget.

In addition, we are focused on the task of connecting people with Towing Services on an Industry Specific website. Nothing but Towing Services can be found on

How we do it

'Near Me' is a popular search term used across a wide variety of inquiries on the internet including people searching for local Towing Services.

Towing Services Near Me is unlike any other directory, our home page is the search results page and there is nothing but precisely what you are looking for, sorted by the nearest to your location.

Contact with the Towing Service you want is immediate via phone, text, email with links to their website and other social platforms.

With a Google Map on each advertiser's webpage, you can launch Directions via Google Maps to take you there.

Where Do We Operate

Based in Australia, is a global directory with over 13,000 location pages ensuring coverage is wide yet focused on a single purpose of connecting people with Towing Services.

No Matter where you are searching from, you can be assured you will find the closest Towing Service at the top of our Home Page.

Who is Towing Services Near Me? is owned and operated by Findit Near Me Pty Ltd ABN 59 652 793 201, where we operate a comprehensive range of industry focused directory websites.

Each Findit Near Me website is what's called a 'Niche Industry Directory', which is highly regarded by Google as a NAPW Citation.

See more of our directories at Findit Near Me

How to find the Right Towing Service

It is so inconvenient when things don’t go as planned. Choosing the right towing company can go a long way in helping you cope with the stress brought on by your car's breakdown or even worse, after an accident. If you have chosen a bad towing company before, you know exactly how things can take a worse turn easily. Following the below tips will enable you to choose the right towing company and make the best out of an exasperating situation.


It is advisable for you to press for a fixed price, flat fee and ask the providers to be transparent about other miscellaneous extra charges. If the towing company hesitates on agreeing with the total price, stating there could be numerous other factors to consider before agreeing on a final deal, perhaps, it is in your best interest to tell them that there are numerous other towing services to consider too.

Good Practices

The right towing company must utilise flatbed towing. Flatbed towing is necessary because it prevents further damage to the vehicle as the entire vehicle is lifted onto the towing truck. The car is completely level and firmly placed; the wheels are also locked securely. There are just too many things that can go wrong with towing service providers that use the traditional hook-and-chain tow trucks.

If the chain is attached improperly to the rack beneath your vehicle, your rack may face damages and your vehicle will be thrown out of alignment. This, in turn, will also cause your tires to wear down easily every time you hit the road.

Extra Services

A great towing company knows the importance of staying in touch with changing times and providing other services. You can gain greater benefits if you choose a company that provides complementary services, including roadside assistance, auctioning and secure vehicle storage. So, how can you obtain extra benefits exactly?

Well, if you are stranded in the middle of a road and you cannot seem to unlock the car door, instead of towing your car all the way to the nearest mechanic or service station and making you pay for the towing charges, the personnel will simply help you unlock the car door. Your car also might just require a jump-start. So, instead of towing your car and making a mountain out of a molehill, they will simply help jump-start your car.


Many towing companies offer their services far and wide. They might advertise their services in your locality even if they are established miles away. So, when opting for a towing company, you should be aware of the proximity of those towing service providers.

Finally, always read the fine print

With accident or breakdown towing paperwork, any dodgy deviations from standard practice will be buried in the fine print, so make sure you take the time to read it thoroughly. (Hard to do when you're still upset after an accident), but a few minutes' reading time could save you months of issues in the future.

Many states have regulated forms issued by the state government, so if it looks more like a brochure or a contract than a standard form, be suspicious.

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